My topic focuses on gender inequity between female and male sports within the school system, specifically within the high schools, Providence St. Mel and De La Salle Institute. We chose this topic for our project because not only is it a significant topic that does not get as much recognition as it should, but we were inspired by a conversation amongst a group of girls in a Spanish 3 class about this particular issue. This conversation was very in depth and motivated us to conduct interviews with classmates and address this issue further. This conversation was very touching because it allowed us to see other girls’ perspectives on the issue, and how we felt empowered in this solidarity. For instance, the boys have more than one weight room, new basketball uniforms, access to the gym for as long as they want, and are able to purchase snacks of their choice. However, with girls’ sports have to use the same uniforms from prior years, do not have as much access to the gym for practicing, and no exercise room of their own. This unjust treatment has to be fixed in order to ensure there is fairness across the board between girls sports and boys sports.

This topic is connected to the Equal Rights Amendment because it addresses the issue of equality for women who are often underrepresented, and not receiving their credit where it is due. When creating this project we learned that we are not the only girl that notices unfair treatment between female and male sports. One solution to this issue would be to gain coverage of this issue within the media, bringing more awareness. and allowing female athletes to feel encouraged and supported rather than objectified, and criticized by their male counterparts. Women are often seen because of their physical appearance rather than their skill or work ethic, this has to stop somewhere. It stops NOW!

You can read the full presentation here.

Here is the presentation in video format

My name is Kayla, and I am 17-years-old. I am a Junior and I attend Providence St. Mel High School on the West Side of Chicago. I am an only child, a dancer, model, artist, sewer, fashion designer, cheerleader, entrepreneur (my businesses; Kfabfashions, Kfab Dance 4 Lyfe, and Kfabulous Scents), and a public speaker/activist. While I am a student, creator, and athlete I am very passionate about being vocal on issues that are centered around women’s rights, African American rights/minority rights, etc. I believe it is very important for every teen to realize that they have a voice, and that it really matters and should not be taken away by others or socially constructed systems. This is why I love being a part of GlobalGirl Media-Chicago because it allows me to expand my knowledge on more social issues that are happening in the world today. It has also allowed me to enhance my storytelling skills in order for my voice and perspective to be heard and understood by others.

Over the years, I have realized how much my words inspire others, and have allowed change to take place within my school community, and my living community. My voice is truly my superpower, and not just as a teen but as an African American young woman.

My name is Eden, I am 17-years-old and I attend De La Salle Institute in Chicago, Illinois. As a career, I want to be involved in social media communications, and GlobalGirl Media-Chicago allowed me to have experience in the media field. I’m also a feminist, and very interested in outlets that help woman, specifically young girls. I love the idea of providing resources to young women who may not have all the resources to express them. My kind-heart and positive energy are my stand-out traits. I love helping people and giving back to my community. I believe that the world would be a better place if people smiled and laughed more, and I try to help people do that.

In my free time I love spending time with my family and friends. I also, love baking, specifically cookies. I’m an artistic person, and I express myself by dance, creating art, and journaling. I try to radiate positive energy at all times because the outside world is already negative, so I try to be the light in all the darkness.

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