Saroya and Victoria, Gender Equality in Chicago

For our project, we wanted to look at gender equality in Chicago, specifically through a historical lens, by creating a video. To make our video, we did research on Chicago’s gender equality history, as well as sought out solutions for gender inequality. We also conducted interviews with various classmates and teachers to get their valuable opinions. We chose this topic because, as females, it is very relevant to us. In our schools, and our workplaces, gender inequality is a harsh reality that females have to face. By choosing this topic to focus on for our video, we are able to educate everyone who our video reaches, to spread awareness about the issue of gender inequality and also show ways in which they can support the fight for gender equality.

Gender Equality in Chicago pt. 1

Gender Equality in Chicago pt. 2

You can read the full presentation here.

My name is Saroya and I am a fifteen-year-old student who has lived in Chicago my whole life. I love dancing, swimming, and playing the cello. I also enjoy writing, with some of my favorite forms being poetry and short stories. I participate in many clubs and organizations at my school, many of which are centered around my identity, my passion for fighting social inequities, and my dedication to the student body. This program has been a great way for me to explore video documentation, a form that I’m pretty unfamiliar with, as well as further my interviewing skills. I have also been able to educate myself and others on the topic of gender equality, with a specific focus on Chicago. I am extremely grateful to be a part of this program and I hope that this piece is powerful and informative!

My name is Victoria and I am fifteen years old. My parents moved to America from Latvia, where my brother and I have become the first born American generation. When I am not at school you will see me at dance practice, doing homework, or hanging out with friends and family. From a young age I have always been told I am a leader with a strong voice. My love for politics and helping others was nourished by this program by showing me different ways to use my voice. While creating this documentary I learned a lot about the history of Chicago and how far women have come. I hope that when people watch this it motivates them to keep pushing and to keep fighting, for the outcome will be worth it.

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