RI, Video Game Harassment

The field of video games has historically been dominated by men. When women join a hobby, like video-gaming, that men believe are specifically meant for them, men may feel insecure. A majority of the time, male gamers are known to initiate video game harassment. Male gamers usually use stereotypes to hurt females they encounter while playing, attacking them for doing something “not meant for them.”

Harassment begins as soon as a girl/woman speaks into her microphone, or even sooner, because a gamer tag could be “too feminine”, so the person is automatically assumed to be a girl/woman.

You can read RI’s presentation here.

Here is RI’s presentation in video format

My name is Ri and I am 16 years old. I attend Roald Amundsen High School. My hobbies consist of gaming, playing the violin, volleyball, and definitely shopping. This is my first time being part of GlobalGirl Media-Chicago, and I joined because I wanted my voice to be heard and to bring light to many problems that women face in real life and online. I hope to encourage more and more people to stand up and help women that are being harassed.

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