Tech Helps Girls Rise Above the Pandemic


Carolyn shares how safely connecting girls to technology can help build future leaders.

“At Girls Voices, we raise disruptive girl leaders who will demand their seats at the table.”

Digital tools have completely transformed my life and my ways of getting things done. From online meetings and events to paying the bills and shopping online, there is an increasing need for us to constantly be online to maximize technology and the internet for increased productivity. An expanding number of applications are improving work and collaboration online, and the innovation grows every day as technology and the internet make life and work easier. 

While I have the privilege of understanding the power of technology to improve my productivity, many women and girls lack the knowledge, and their phones still fail to serve additional purposes outside calls, messaging, and social media. That’s why I am passionate about digital empowerment for women and girls—and why I work to bring technology to girls in Nigeria.

My nonprofit, Girls Voices Initiative, works to educate adolescent girls and women about their rights in law. We empower them with the skills to use technology and digital media to lead advocacy for the protection of their rights and welfare in society. At Girls Voices, we are raising disruptive girl leaders who will demand their seats at the table.

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