My Vision of a Gender Neutral World


“Change begins when society keeps the women at the heart of it”

Namaste, I Sushmita Das belong to a country where we are taught to worship women as we consider that women are the incarnation of the Goddess. Regrettably many have become ignorant of the fact that they must respect women, they must give them equal rights and opportunities so that they can live a life with dignity.

Now when I’m given the opportunity by the World Pulse to shout my vision of a better and more gender-neutral world, then I would love to share my thoughts of an extremely beautiful world post-pandemic.

This pandemic has taught us many lessons regarding our personal as well as professional lives.

Before I begin with my vision of a better world, I would like to share my experience and lessons that I learned from the 2020 lockdown, although I’m still learning some more things during this second wave of the pandemic in my country India, yet I would like to let the world know what we can change post-pandemic and what my learnings are from the pandemic!

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