By Marianne Schnall

We asked a series of questions…

As a starting place for the Envision Equality project, we reached out to a diverse and esteemed set of activists, policy makers, academics, and other thought leaders cutting across sectors and industries and asked them to share their visions of what a gender-just world would look and feel like, and share what gives them hope and inspiration on the road to achieving it.  

While these voices are not heard often enough in the broader discourse, our initial round of respondents are well known and recognizable in their fields as visionary voices of wisdom and inspiration.  Through our social media campaign and future engagements, we hope to broaden this call to draw in more participation from all parts of the community.  We contend that everyone has a perspective and a vision, and we hope to benefit from the input of a multitude of voices….

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The Envision Equality project is a partner of the ERA Coalition and the Fund for Women’s Equality.

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