Corporate Equality Roundtable

Supporting equal rights for all

We are a group of corporate supporters for equal rights, both externally and internally.

  • Externally, we support the codification of the ERA into the Constitution as a cornerstone of equality.
  • Internally, we practice equal rights in pay equity, hiring, leadership, diversity and inclusion.

Our goals are to elevate equal rights to a standard practice within the corporate sector based on three principles and adhered to by each member of the Corporate Equality Roundtable:

  1. Champion the importance of constitutional and lived equality as the foundation for all action, which we support in our communities and across the globe
  2. Relentless pursuit of sex equality in our workplace and among stakeholders (suppliers, customers and communities)
    • Representation
    • Equal pay for equal work
    • Safe workplace environment
    • Inclusion and diversity
    • Socially responsible community programming
  3. Adhering to shared principles of corporate equality that are developed by this group.

Under the aegis of the ERA Coalition, each council member will contribute towards establishing a standard for equal rights in the workplace and supporting programs that promote equality. This standard will adhere to the CEO Business Roundtable pledge.

This is a project of the Fund for Women’s Equality, Inc., a 501(c)(3) organization.

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