Together with 290 partner organizations representing over 80 million champions for equality, this podcast uplifts and amplifies the voices of this movement, especially from communities most affected by systemic oppression and exclusion from mainstream media.


Hosted by nationally acclaimed radio host and Equal Voices Elisa Parker, Equality Talks bridges the intersections of equality, justice, and social activism to unify as a collective and change the status quo.  

Equality Talks Podcast Episode 2 Cover with Aarush from Generation Ratify

“This podcast provides a voice to this movement of movements for equality, and highlights a team of advocates and leaders who have united to advance the fight for equality for all.” said Parker. “These are the stories of everyday heroes, the advocates who are creating systemic change, told in their own voices.” 

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Equality Talks Podcast Cover

Episode 5 of Equality Talks Podcast: Lori from Women's eNews

June 29, 2023

Equality Talks Podcast Cover

Episode 4 of Equality Talks Podcast: Teresa from Ms. Foundation

June 21, 2023

Equality Talks Podcast Cover

Episode 3 of Equality Talks Podcast: Noreen from Equal Rights Advocates

June 15, 2023