Raising the Age of Consent-Protecting Young People in the EU

By Teonicaa

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The current minimum age of consent for sexual activity in the European Union varies from country to country, with some setting it as low as 14 years old.

There is a growing movement to increase the minimum age of consent to 16 years old, in line with the recommendations of organizations such as the World Health Organization and the Council of Europe.

There are several benefits to increasing the minimum age of consent to 16 years old. One benefit is that it helps to protect young people from exploitation and abuse. At the age of 14, many young people are not fully mature or able to fully understand the consequences of their actions, and they may be vulnerable to coercion or manipulation by older individuals. By setting the minimum age of consent at 16, we can help to ensure that young people are not taken advantage of or put in harm’s way…

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