Benefitting from Female Governors: Could Your State Be Next?

Understanding how and when women run for office could be a useful exercise as voters consider future prospects for their political leaders.

November’s midterm elections produced several landmark election outcomes worthy of celebration. For the first time in history, the United States has entered double-digits and broken its own record for the number of women governors.

The 12 women elected or re-elected governor in November eclipse the previous (and current) record of nine. Importantly, three of these states—Arkansas, Massachusetts, and New York–elected a woman governor for the first time in their state history. Arkansas elected a Republican while Massachusetts and New York elected Democrats. Now, 60% of American states (30 out of 50) have elected a woman as governor at least once

While we might not agree with all of these candidates, this landmark moment is worth celebrating as more women in office is a step in the right direction…

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