Here’s How to Address Menstrual Poverty

By Jefiter Mang


Many girls are still kept back by menstrual myths and restrictions caused by culture and religion. Many of them miss school because they can’t afford menstrual sanitary products. They are seen as unclean and are not supposed to mingle with people during their periods.

Menstrual poverty is still happening, especially with the inflation of prices. Taxes have not been cut down to make menstrual products cheaper. The government and many NGOs would rather give out condoms for free to young people, but will not do anything to help make menstruating not such a horrible ordeal for young girls.

Girls should not have to feel awkward when they inquire about what is happening to them. It is a normal part of life, after all. I look forward to that day when the menstruation conversation is normalized, when access to clean, safe places are abundant, and menstrual sanitary products are cheap and easy to buy. I commit to doing my part in educating girls on menstruation and providing reusable pads to end menstrual poverty. There are more grounds to cover, and we are moving…

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