How I Help People with Disabilities Thrive

By Nain Yuh

Nain Yuh’s organization leverages evidence-based research to create financial opportunities for families of children with disabilities in Cameroon.


“I didn’t know caring for my great-grandmother was preparing me for a career working with people with disabilities. But as I grew up, I loved the idea of touching lives and creating an impact.”

Nain Yuh

From an early age, I cared for my great-grandmother, who had a disability that came with age. After I returned from school, my grandmother would leave her in my care while she ran errands. This assignment meant I had to be around to watch my great-grandmother, talk with her, and either accompany her outside the house or encourage her to stay home. She would often pack up a few belongings and leave without knowing where she was headed or when she would return. In her 90s, she sometimes wanted to leave without mentioning where she wanted to go…

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