Olivia Enos: Our Bodies Are Not an Apology

Our Bodies Are Not an Apology: A Community Project inspired by the work of Sonya Renee Taylor’ This is a participatory, visual research project composed of a series of collages. Each collage is inspired by the responses called for on social media, for people to anonymously provide their answers to as many or as few of the Unapologetic Inquiry questions from the book “The Body is Not an Apology” by Sonya Renee Taylor. After sharing key ideas of the book, I shared these questions in an effort to create a community reflection on the extent to which body shame has impacted the collective as well as individuals. All respondents identified as women or nonbinary, so the project in particular seeks to understand the limitations placed on women or feminine presenting bodies by a fatphobic, misogynistic society.

An equal future is one of body autonomy for people of all shapes and sizes; it is a future of fat liberation and free of body shame.

Olivia Enos is a recent graduate of Occidental College, with a degree in Politics and double minor in Critical Theory and Social Justice, and Media Arts and Culture. A former theater kid with a passion for film, Olivia rarely saw people like herself on screen, motivating her studies to focus on representation (or lack thereof) in media. She is currently working for The Center for Intersectional Media and Entertainment (CIME), and hopes to be part of the change in creating positive representations of people from all identities and intersectionalities in Hollywood.

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